1) The server (Black) plays the ball in to White 9.

2) White 9 passes to White 7 who creates space.

3) White 7 then plays the ball to Blue on the edge of the penalty area (Blue stays outside the area).

4) Blue crosses to White 9 who makes a run to the near post and scores.

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- 1 server, 2 defenders, 6 attackers of which only 2 are allowed in penalty area, the others can be passed to and received from but remain outside the area.
- Penalty area/Half football pitch.


- 2 touch football
- Once a Blue (on the edge of the area) has been used, he can then join in as an extra attacker.

- Aim to get the shot in as quickly as possible
- Within the tight space, passes must be quick and accurate and players should be constantly moving and looking for space.

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