1) The server (Black) plays the ball in to Red. As soon as the ball is kicked, Yellow moves in to defend. The attackers have 20 seconds to dribble the ball into the safe light blue area.

2) Red must now move pass the ball to the other Red attacker without leaving the bottom area.

3) Here, he manages to pass to Red who tries to create space.

4) Red turns & tries to dribble into the safe area but is tackled by the 2nd defender who puts the ball safely out of play.

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- 1 server, 2 defenders, 2 attackers
- Small designated area + safe area (size up to coach).


- Vary approach angles and original starting positions and add goals or reduce safe area
- Once the attackers have been thwarted, they are replaced to make the defenders work hard
- Add and vary ratios of attackers/defenders, i.e. server becomes attacker.


- The defender must close down the attacker as quickly as possible and force the attacker into the corners to reduce possibilities. Defending techniques such as approach, marking, communication, pressing and tackling should all be carefully observed.
- The attacker should aim to keep possession by good use of the body as a shield and the other attacker must work hard to make himself available for the pass.


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