1) 3v2 attacking 2 goals alternatively. Here, the ball is played into Red who turns and attacks.

2) Yellow moves into cover and Red plays a one two, taking advantage of the space generated.

3) He then plays the ball in low and hard across goal.

4) The other Yellow defender defends correctly by staying goal side and not getting dragged across. He intercepts the cross. Once finished, the other group can begin.

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- 4 defenders, 6 attackers, 2 goalkeepers + server(s)
- Small designated area (size up to coach e.g. 60x40 metres) + 2 goals.


- Vary initial service, use strategically placed servers or the coach
- The 3 attacking players can use the other 3 attackers to play off
- Add and vary ratios of attackers/defenders and change groups around
- Vary size of playing surface.


- The extra attacker makes sure that the defenders have to concentrate on their pressuring, decision making and communication. The goalkeeper should be constantly talking and directing his defenders.
- When the other group is playing, the other set of players should be on their toes ready for immediate action. Once finished, the second group should start straightaway.


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