1) The Black defender passes to the feet of the forward.

2) The right winger lays the ball back to the Red midfielder. The winger turns & makes an off the ball run towards goal.

3) Red plays it back inside to Black who passes to his left.

4) The left midfielder runs at the defence & plays the ball into the right winger using space created by the centre-forward.

5/ Red finishes into the bottom corner.

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- 7v4 + 1 Goalkeeper. The possession team of 7 includes 3 attackers 3 midfielders & 1 defender playing against 4 defenders.
- Pitch of around 3/4 length.

- Add more players & vary pitch size.
- Add zones to limit player movements and introduce two-touch play.
- See 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 variations.
- The large numerical superiority allows pre-determined moves to be carried out. Here, this session works on two of the major characteristics of the 4-3-3 system - 1/ Support play by defenders for the 3 man midfield, 2/ Off the ball movement and combination play between forwards/wingers and midfielders (especially in-between the opposition defensive & midfield lines) to create space and goal scoring chances.
- Each attack should end in a shot at goal.

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