1) Game always starts with a throw-out from the keeper. Here, the Black defender works the ball forward.

2) The left-midfielder plays the ball to the centre-forward dropping off the defender.

3) The forward plays the ball to the midfielder in support.

4) He plays the ball out wide with one touch to the fullback.

5/ The fullback advances, cuts the cross back for the midfielder to score. The game restarts with the 3 yellow defenders joining the 4 midfielders and they attack the opposite goal.

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- 7v3 + 2 Goalkeepers. The possession team of 7 includes 3 defenders & 4 midfielders playing against 3 defenders.
- Pitch of around 3/4 length.

- Add more players & vary pitch size.
- Add zones to limit player movements and introduce two-touch play.
- See 3-5-2 and 4-3-3 variations.
- The large numerical superiority allows pre-determined moves to be carried out. Here, this session works one of the major characteristics of the 4-4-2 system, by building up play in the middle to create space out wide for the fullback. Midfilders must concentrate on creating space and the fullbacks must work on the timing of their runs
- Each attack should end in a shot at goal. When the attack is finished (shot, save, goal-kick, loss of possession...), the game turns around allowing end to end attacking play.

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