1) Red throws the ball forward into his team-mate who plays it back to the thrower with one touch.

2) The thrower controls and plays the ball back into his team-mate in midfield. The Yellow full-back is drawn over to the thrower and attempts to close him down. Meanwhile, the Red fullback starts his run behind the defence.

3) The Red midfielder plays the ball into space behind the opposition fullback for his own fullback to run onto.

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- Half football field + normal size goal.
- Personal choice of coach for number of players to be included. This session can be organised as above and then practised under normal match conditions.

- The thrower can try a give and go where he throws to his team-mate and then makes a run behind the opposition fullback to receive the return pass. The coach can introduce many different variations of the above session.


- The thrower should concentrate on the quality of his throwing action - does it allow the receiver an easy control and pass ?.
- Is there plenty of movement, space and options created by the other players ? How is this space exploited ?

- In a game situation, does the nearest player to the ball take the throw, play it forward (or as positively as possible) and as quickly as possible ? Does he get back in the game quickly and offer himself as another option ?


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