1) Here, an in-swinging corner is driven in to the centre of the goal. The defence is covering each post as well as the centre of the goal. All opponents are marked in the penalty area. 1 defender tries to block the corner whilst the short corner is also covered.

2) The defender is first to the ball and clears
into space. All the defensive players move out as quickly as possible.

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- Full team all defending + 6-8 attacking players.
- Half a Pitch + full size goal.

- The coach may want to practice without attackers before moving onto this session.
- Vary delivery of corner - front & back post, short, pace, in-swinging and out-swinging.
- Attackers should take up different positions and make different runs off the ball.

The coach should evaluate several points:
- Analyse the positions of the goalkeeper, near/far post players and those covering the penalty spot area. Do they keep to their designated positions ?
- Analyse the marking capacity of each defending player. Is the marking tight or is the player caught ball-watching ?
- Analyse the technique of all the players to clear the ball and how quickly they move out once it has been cleared.
- Evaluate the capacity of the players to adapt to different types of serve, especially the short corner. Are they determined in challenging for the ball and is the communication good, particularly the instructions from the keeper ?


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