1) Yellow plays the ball into Red who aims to dribble through the opposite goal.

2) Red controls and runs at Yellow.

3) Here, he successfully plays the ball past Yellow and runs around the side of him.

4) Finally, Red collects and dribbles the ball through the cones to score.

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- 1 defender + 1 attacker
- Small designated area + 4 cones for goals


- Add more defenders
- Vary size of playing surface and number of zones
- Alternate the players with each one defending and then attacking.
- Click here to see Variation 2, Variation 3, Variation 4.


- Concentrate on the ability to dribble and beat defenders using sudden changes of speed and direction along with body feints. The player should attack at speed with close control and try to take the most direct route possible towards the goal.
- Award points for each goal scored and to the defender when he wins the ball.


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