1) The attacker starts off with the aim of beating all three defenders in individual zones.

2) Here, he manages to beat the first defender.

3) However, the second defender wins the ball but leaves it to the attacker to continue the exercise.

4) The final defender is beaten and the attacker replaces him. The defenders all move forward one zone so that one becomes the attacker.

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- 3 defenders, 1 attacker
- Small designated area divided into 4 equal zones.


- Use other attackers to play off (placed at the sides)
- Add more defenders
- Vary size of playing surface and number of zones.
- Click here to see Variation 1, Variation 3, Variation 4.


- Concentrate on the ability to dribble and beat defenders using sudden changes of speed and direction along with body feints. The player should attack at speed with close control.
- Award points for each defender beaten and to the defender when he wins the ball.


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