1) The server plays the ball into the attacker. He then moves forward to get on the end of the cross.

2) He has to dribble and beat the defender to get to the goal-line to play the cross in.

3) He manages to beat the defender and crosses.

4) The server scores with a header. The other players have now taken up their positions.

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- Half football field + normal size goal.
- Group of servers, defenders and attackers + goalkeeper.

- Add more defenders & attackers.
- Vary size of playing surface, change to other side of pitch (to use other foot) and introduce time limit to get cross in.
- Alternate the players with each one serving, defending and then attacking.
- Award points to each team - e.g. when the cross is prevented or successful.

- Concentrate on the delivery of the pass/cross - in front of the player for him to easily run onto, speed, flight, angle and the quality of the shot aiming always to hit the target.
- Concentrate on the dribbling technique using the inside and outside of both feet, use sudden changes of speed and direction along with body feints. The player should attack at speed with close control and try to take the most direct route possible towards the goal-line.

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