1) The attacker moves forward with the ball, he aims to draw the defender into him before releasing the pass to his team-mate who must stay onside.

2) The crossing player controls the pass and aims to get quickly to the goal-line whilst being placed under pressure by the defender.

3) He cuts the ball back to his team-mate.

4) The first-time shot is saved by the goalkeeper. The other players are now in position to repeat the drill.

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- Half football field + normal size goal.
- Group of servers, defenders and attackers + goalkeeper.

- Add more defenders & attackers and vary size of playing surface, change to other side of pitch (to use other foot).
- Alternate the players with each one defending and attacking.
- Award points - e.g. when the cross is prevented or successful or when a goal is scored.
- See variation 1.

- Concentrate on the trying to disguise the initial pass and on the delivery of the pass/cross (in front of the player for him to easily run onto, speed, flight, angle) and the quality of the shot always aiming to hit the target.
- Concentrate on technique when running with the ball. The player should attack at speed with close control, head up and try to take the most direct route possible towards the goal-line.

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