1) Goalkeeper is tested by the player crossing the ball in hard and low.

2) Player shoots for goal at near post.

3) Player shoots for goal at near post.

LEFT-CLICK image to start animation & REMOVE MOUSE CURSOR from image to return to original image. For an explanation of the various symbols, CLICK HERE.
- Half football field + normal size goal + 5 balls for each player
- 3 players + Goalkeeper
- Start practice in a different order to decrease predictability.
- Change shooting techniques, shoot for far post and vary the power, When crossing vary the delivery by playing the ball in high, low, with bend etc.
- Add more players to put pressure on the keeper by following shots in and challenging for crosses.
- Click here to see Variation 2.
- The goalkeeper should be constantly on his toes and it is up the players to make him work. This is also good for the physical condition of the keeper. The keeper should aim to perfect his shot and cross stopping technique.

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