1) The red server throws the ball in and the blue player must try to head the ball to score. The server throws the ball in at different heights and angles to make the player work hard to co-ordinate his movements and use different techniques to head it back (diving header, use one or two feet to jump off, side of forehead etc...)

2) Having headed the ball back, blue must run back and touch the cone before setting off to once again head the ball. This is repeated 10 times for each player.

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- Small grassy area + 3 cones.
- 1 player and 1 server.
- The server changes position (goes to each side of the player...) to make the player adapt his heading technique.
- Add two servers to throw the ball to the player who must run in between them.
- Finally, a defender can be introduced to put realistic pressure on the player.
- Click here to see Variation 1 & Variation 3.
- The server must provide good delivery.
- The player must concentrate on their heading technique - Keep eyes on the ball, attack the ball and make accurate and firm contact.

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