1) Normal kick-off, the left-winger prepares to move quickly forward. The ball is immediately passed to the winger.

2) The winger moves towards goal and cuts the ball back to either supporting player.

3) The supporting player shoots for goal.

LEFT-CLICK image to start animation & REMOVE MOUSE CURSOR from image to return to original image. For an explanation of the various symbols, CLICK HERE.
- Half football field + normal size goal
- 3 attacking players + Goalkeeper

- When crossing, the winger should vary between the two attacking players, and the attackers may want to exchange passes.
- Attackers change the angle of their runs towards goal.
- Gradually add defenders to make the practice more difficult.
- From kick-off pass the ball backwards to another player and then follow the same procedure.

- As this practice aims to quickly attack the opponents (to catch them unawares e.g. after a goal), the players should aim to move the ball forward as quickly and accurately as possible.

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