1) The ball is hit long to the opposite player.

2) He controls the ball by immediately laying it off to his partner (in the same 1 touch movement). He aims to provide a decent layoff.

3) His partner hits a first-time pass to the opposite player.

4) He controls the ball by immediately laying it off to his partner and the situation is repeated 5 times before the roles are reversed.

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- 2 passing players, 2 players practising layoff ball control then reverse roles.
- Small designated area.


- Important - vary speed, height and angle of pass to make receiving player use all body parts such as chest, feet and head.
- Vary space between players to increase difficulty
- Restrict players to using their weaker foot for controlling and passing.
- Try same practice but replace second pass with a shot at goal.
- Click here to see variation 1, variation 2.


- Through varying the pass, this should tests the player's ability to control with both feet and the different parts of the body.
- Concentrate on good ball control layoff techniques - take the pace off the ball and deflect it into a position where his partner can strike it first-time.
- The server should concentrate on the quality of the pass and keep the practice flowing.


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