1) Red passes to Blue and runs to the left of the cones.

2) Blue awaits Red and lays the ball off.

3) Red strikes first-time at goal and scores. Red now becomes the server and Blue's role is to follow the shots in. The situation is repeated with each player who lays the ball off, becoming an attacker to practice following shots in.

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- Half football field + normal size goal.
- Personal choice of coach for number of players to practice shooting.
- Cones to mark starting positions and plenty of balls (organise well so their is never a shortage).

- Click here to see Variation 1 & Variation 2.

- Players should concentrate on the quality and variation of ball delivery and hitting the target.
- Each player should have at least 5-10 shots at goal.
- Is also a good exercise of the goalkeeper to work on their own techniques.

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