1) Red plays a shorter outswinging corner to near the penalty spot.

2) Orange & Yellow change positions. Yellow flicks the ball on to Orange.

3) Orange heads or shoots first-time into the goal

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- Half a football field
- Can use majority of team + goalkeeper & add defenders.

- Corner played to near post, central position in 6 yard box, penalty spot or outside area
- Vary delivery of corner - hard, low, flighted, inswinging & outswinging...
- Try flick on at near post, header back across the 6 yard box, direct header or shot at goal...
- Vary off the ball movements of attackers.
- Click here to see our Inswinging corner 1 & Short corner 1.

- Players must concentrate on providing good delivery
- With or without defenders, attackers must vary their movements, create space and try to drag defenders out of position
- During your training session, surprise players by calling for a corner at anytime forcing them to make quick decisions and adjustments.

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