1) The ball is played into Red who is challenged by both Yellow defenders.

2) Here, Red controls and manages to create space by catching the incoming Yellow off-balance (due to his momentum).

3) In the same zone, he has to play the ball back to the server. The server can then play the ball back in and the drill continued.

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- 1 server, 2 defenders, 1 player practising ball control positoned as shown
- Small designated area divided into 4 equal zones.


- Important, vary speed, height and angle of pass
- Add more defenders and reduce space between players to increase difficulty
- Vary size of playing surface and number of zones.
- Click here to see variation 1, variation 3.


- Through varying the pass, this should make the player control with both feet and the different parts of the body. The defenders should really pressure the player in possession.
- Concentrate on good ball control techniques to create space to manoeuvre whilst not allowing the defenders an opportunity to win the ball.
- The server should concentrate on the quality of the pass.


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