1) Red plays the ball into Yellow.

2) Yellow plays a one-two back to Red.

3) Red passes the ball to orange on the edge of the penalty area. Just before the pass, Orange feints to run into the box but then moves off to the centre (false movement helps put the defence off-balance).

4) Orange instantaneously shoots for goal.

LEFT-CLICK image to start animation & REMOVE MOUSE CURSOR from image to return to original image. For an explanation of the various symbols, CLICK HERE. For Flash version -

- Half a football field
- Can use majority of team + goalkeeper & add defenders.

- Yellow can feint to pass, turn and try to cross himself
- After one-two, Red can vary the delivery and direction of the cross or even try to shoot.
- See other variations by looking at our Outswinging Corner or Inswinging Corner.

- Players must concentrate on providing good delivery
- With or without defenders, attackers must vary their movements, create space and try to drag defenders out of position
- During your training session, surprise players by calling for a corner at anytime forcing them to make quick decisions and adjustments.

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