1) The server passes towards goal. Players then sprint maximally after the ball.

2) Player reaching the ball first moves in on goal and tries to score.

3) The other player defends and with the goalkeeper tries to stop the attacking player from scoring.

LEFT-CLICK image to start animation & REMOVE MOUSE CURSOR from image to return to original image. For an explanation of the various symbols, CLICK HERE.
- Half football field + normal size goal
- Between 4-22 Players + Goalkeeper
- Players work in pairs.
- Players start with their backs to the ball (turning capacity).
- Move to other side of pitch forcing players to use other foot (technique) .
- One player starts 3 metres in front of the other player and dribbles towards goal (running with the ball under pressure).
- One player starts 3 metres in front of the other player and passes to the server (nearer to the goal) who plays a wall pass back into his path (timing of pass and run).
- Vary the delivery of the service e.g. bouncing, further away... (adaptability).
- Players should be sprinting all-out and jog slowly back to recover.
- Player with ball should go straight for goal.
- Keep practice flowing and repeat up to 5 times.

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