1) The ball is played into Yellow.

2) Yellow lays it off for Blue opposite him.

3) Blue plays it to Blue on his left.

4) Blue plays it to Yellow opposite him and the passing sequence is continued with players filling in where required.

LEFT-CLICK image to start animation & REMOVE MOUSE CURSOR from image to return to original image. For an explanation of the various symbols, CLICK HERE. For Flash version -

- Half football field.
- 6 groups of 2-5 players.
- Add another group of players to simulate for example a defensive or midfield line.
- Add another football.
- Vary order of passing sequence and introduce one-touch play.
- Click here to see Variation 2 & Variation 3.
- Concentrate on the quality of the passing and control.
- The ball should be played into the player (who must attack the ball) to be easily controlled and passed.
- Work on the timing of the movements.

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