1) Red dribbles until the second zone where he must play a wall pass to beat the defender.

2) The supporting Red player passes the ball back into his path.

3) He then dribbles towards the next defender and repeats the same action.

4) His team-mate successfully plays the ball back.

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- 2 defenders, 2 attackers.
- Small designated area split into zones (size up to coach).


- Vary approach angles and original starting positions and vary size of each zone.
- Add a chasing player to put pressure on the dribbling player.
- The player used to play the ball off maybe marked closely from behind by a defender.
- Click here to see Variation 2.


- The dribbling player must invite the defender to "come onto him".
- He must try to disguise his intentions, i.e. the moment when he will pass the ball by using faking movements such as step-overs and dropping his shoulder.
- Both he and the supporting player must use explosive burst of pace to get into the positions to play and receive the ball.


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