1) After a classic 10-15 minute thorough jogging & stretching routine, players move around in the area, passing to members of their own team. Here, Yellow plays a ball for his Yellow team-mate to run onto. Each player is allowed 5 seconds of possession before releasing the ball to a team-mate.

2) The Red team simultaneously follows the same procedure.

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- 2 teams (with different coloured bibs) up to a maximum of 6 players per team, (more may result in players not touching the ball and therefore not benefiting from the session). If need be, create 2 separate games and swop teams around.
- Small designated area, here we use a 20 x 20 metre square.


- Each team can steal the other teams ball whilst trying itself to maintain possession.
- Add defenders to put pressure on the players.
- Move onto 2 touch then 1 touch play.
- Decrease or increase numbers in each team.
- Click here to see Variation 2, Variation 3 & Variation 4.


- Make sure all players have correctly completed the initial jogging and stretching routine.
- Concentrate on firm and accurate passing using various techniques.
- Concentrate on moving into space and ball reception techniques.


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