1) The attacker has 10 seconds to get a shot in on goal or keep possession before playing it back to the server. The ball is played into Red who initially fakes to go to his right to create space to receive the pass.

2) He is forced by the defender (who is playing a zonal defensive system) to the area limit, turns and moves sideways into a more central area.

3) He enters into the zonal area of the 2nd defender who forces him to play back to the server.

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- Half football field + marked area + normal size goal.
- 1 server, 1 attacker & 2 defenders.

- Attacker can start in a variety of positions i.e. central or wide areas.
- Vary size of playing surface and area limits.
- Vary service, into feet, chest, to run onto...
- Add and vary ratios of attackers/defenders or server becomes attacker or place other players around the area to play off.
- Once the attacker has had his turn, he is replaced by another attacker to keep the defenders working hard.


- The defender must close down the attacker as quickly as possible, delay and force him into the corners to reduce his possibilities. Defending techniques such as approach, marking, communication (especially with other covering player), pressing and tackling should all be carefully observed.
- The attacker should aim to keep possession by good use of the body as a shield.
- Award a point to the attacker for every goal, shot on target, keeping ball for 10 seconds or for every time the defence wins the ball...


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