Our animated game action archive concentrates on recreating professional match actions/goals and explains the positive and negative aspects (both defensive & attacking) of each action from a coaching point of view. A short description of the major aspect of each animation is given.

Man Utd - Liverpool (17/12/00) - Move of the Game (centre-forward making a run behind the defence)
Aston Villa - Manchester Utd (26/12/00) - Goal by Solskjaer
(getting behind the 3-5-2 system)
A.C Milan - Inter (07/01/01) - Goal by Sukor
(centre-forward making a run behind the defence)
Monaco - Metz (03/02/01) - Goal by Gallardo
(getting the winger behind the defence to cross)
Lyon - Arsenal (13/02/01) - Goal by Henry
(getting the full-back behind the defence to cross)
Barcelona - Deportivo (20/02/01) - Goal by Djalminha
(laying the ball back to shoot)
Manchester Utd - Arsenal (25/02/01) - Goal by Yorke
(dummying & playing a one-two)
Roma - I. Milan (04/03/01) - Goal by Vieri
(centre-forward making a run behind the defence from deep)
Deportivo - Numancia (11/03/01) - Goal by Tristan
(taking advantage of opposition losing possession)
Lazio - Juventus (18/03/01) - Goal by Neved
(making the counter-attack pay)
Scotland - Belgium (24/03/01) - Goal by Dodds
(run from midfielder to get behind the defence & cross)
Spain - France (28/03/01) - Goal by Helguera
(crossing back in immediately after a cleared corner)
Borussia Dortmund- Bayern Munich (07/04/01) - Goal by Bobic
(taking a quick free-kick)
Lecce - A.C Milan (22/04/01) - Goal by Chevtchenko
(taking advantage of space behind the fullback)
Atlanta - Bologna (29/04/01) - Goal by Morfeo
(long high pass flicked on into space)
Southampton - Manchester Utd (13/05/01) - Goal by Giggs
(playing the one-two)
Charlton - Liverpool (19/05/01) - Goal by Fowler
(drawing defenders forwards to create space)
Lecce - Parma (27/05/01) - Goal by Milosovic
(crossing and headed layoff back into goal area)
France - Brazil (07/06/01) - Goal by Pires
(corner to back-post & headed layback)
Vicenza - Juventus (10/06/01) - Goal by Trezeguet
(pre-rehearsed free-kick routine)
Roma - Parma (17/06/01) - Goal by Di Vaio
(running at & beating defenders)
France - Norway (24/06/01) - Goal by Knudsen
(pre-rehearsed long-throw routine)
Slaven Belupo v SC Bastia (30/06/01) - Goal by Dodik
(following the shot in)
Monaco v Marseille (15/07/01) - Goal by Gallardo
(making something out of nothing)
PSG v Lille (28/07/01) - Move of the Game
(turning defence into attack)
Sochaux v Rennes (4/08/01) - Goal by Frau
(pressuring defenders & winning possession in opposition half)
Manchester Utd v Fulham (18/08/01) - Goal by Saha
(winning possession & playing the killer pass)
Germany v England (01/09/01) - Goal by Owen
(hitting the early cross & headed layoff)
Nantes v Sedan (08/09/01) - Goal by Andre (creating space & pulling away to the back post)
Lyon v Nantes (15/09/01) - Goal by Luyindula (making a run behind the back four)
R. Bucharest v Paris St Germain (25/09/01) - Goal by Aloisio (combination play between strikers)
Brescia v Atalanta (30/09/01) - Goal by Baggio (making the run behind team-mate to receive flick-on)
Bayern Munich v 1860 Munich (13/10/01) - Goal by Elber (pre-rehearsed free-kick routine)
Inter Milan v A.C Milan (21/10/01) - Goal by Chevtchenko (cross-over runs by centre-forwards)
Brescia v Venise (28/10/01) - Goal by Magellanes (combination play and making space)
St Pauli v 1860 Munich (03/11/01) - Goal by Hassler
(one-two & moving into space)
Liverpool v Barcelona (20/11/01) - Goal by Kluivert (forward coming from deep to score)
Werder Breme v Leverkusen (01/12/01) - Goal by Bode (Punishing the defensive error)
Liverpool v Middlesborough (20/11/01) - Goal by Owen (one-touch play & surprise shot)
Bastia v Nantes (16/12/01) - Goal by Manso (getting behind the defence)
Marseille v Bastia (12/01/02) - Goal by Alfonso (crossing quickly & getting in front of the defender)
Real Sociedad v Zaragova (10/02/02) - Goal by De Pedro (pre-rehearsed free-kick routine)



Our statistical analysis archive provides match stats on the performances of professional players.

Arsenal - Liverpool (23/12/00) - Match performance of Emile Heskey
Milan - Inter (07/01/01) - Match Performance of Laurent Blanc
Milan - Inter (07/01/01) - Match Performance of O. Bierhoff
Arsenal - Lyon (21/02/01) - Match Performance of P. Viera