1) Ball played high and long onto the head of Rossini.

2) Rossini, unmarked on the edge of the penalty area flicks the ball on.

3) Morfeo coming from a wide position, times his run perfectly to meet the pass and score with a first-time shot.

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Comments & Conclusions:

- Defence: Here we see that despite outnumbering the attackers, no challenge is made on Rossini by the defenders. Also, Morfeo's run is not tracked and the defenders are guilty of watching the ball - Slack marking and ball watching are major defensive errors.

- Attack: Here we see the ability of the centre-forward to drop off defenders and make use of good heading technique to find team-mates through excellent link up play. Also, the importance of wide players making runs behind defenders into central positions is shown as well as the capacity to score from a fairly difficult angle- Good link up play (timing of off the ball movements), heading ability and finishing from tight angles.

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