1) Brescia play a a long high pass from midfield.

2 ) The Brescia centre-forward wins the aerial challenge and flicks the ball on behind him. Meanwhile, Baggio makes a run anticipating the flick-on.

4) Baggio uses his initial movement and body to catch the defender off balance, then turns and shoots into the corner of the net.

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- Excellent anticipation play by Baggio to make the run and receive the flick-on as well as an intelligent finish through catching the defender off-balance by using god body movement (as he is initially moving in one direction, Baggio suddenly turns and shoots the other way and the defender cannot recover). Finally, shows importance of winning aerial challenges, especially near the penalty area.
- It is difficult for the defender to prevent the shot as he is moving quickly and cannot change direction in time. Likewise, a defender cannot win every header, thus it is difficult to constructively criticise the defence here. Perhaps, the both fullbacks could have been a bit tighter to their central defenders in order to reduce space and increase the pressure on the attackers.

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