1) The ball is played from the back and is then miscontrolled, Gerard takes up possession.

2) He moves forwards and plays the ball to Owen.

3) Owen runs at goal and draws both central defenders towards him.

4) He then slips the ball to the Fowler, unmarked.

5) Fowler, scores in the bottom right-hand corner..

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Comments & Conclusions:

- Defence: The player making the pass could have moved forward reducing the distance of the pass, making it less risky. Plus, this type of situation puts the receiving player under pressure, here a lack of control leads to the ball being lost. The other central defender might have marked Fowler closer instead of staying in the centre. We can conclude by saying that players must avoid risky passing in their own half and that correct reading of the game - player marking and positioning, is extremely important.

- Attack: Gerard reads the pass and pressures the player, causing him to lose possession. Owen intelligently moves into space in the centre and has the vision to run at the defenders and when they are drawn over, he passes to Fowler. We can also see that to be onside, Fowler positions himself perfectly in line with the last defender and then finishes well. Conclusion - Pressuring in the opponents half can pay dividends, intelligent movement on and off the ball as well as accurate shooting is vital in successful attacking play.

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