1) The ball is played in by Djorkaeff.

2) Viera feints to move to the near post and finally makes a run to the back post where he heads the ball back to Pires.

3) Pires, positioned on the outside of the penalty area, is first to the pass.

4) He volleys first-time into the net.

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Comments & Conclusions:

- Defence: The defender on the edge of the penalty area does not correctly mark nor track the movement of Pires leaving him time to pick his shot. The defence is a bit slow to close down Pires' shot on the edge of the penalty area. Conclusion - Mark closely players on the edge of the penalty area and more commitment to move out and close down shooting opportunities.

- Attack: Good set-piece variation. Here, Viera intelligently makes space for himself at the back post to find Pires outside the penalty area. Pires reads the game well and finishes accurately. Conclusion - Set-pieces are a valuable factor in creating scoring chances and should be regularly rehearsed. Shows the advantage of having players on the edge of the penalty to pick up clearances and knock-backs.

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