1) The Norwegian player wins the aerial challenge and flicks the ball on from the long throw-in.

2) Again, the ball is flicked-on from the other attacker moving in from the edge of the area.

3) Finally, Knudsen who has come from outside the area, times her run perfectly and instantaneously volleys the second flick-on into the net.

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Comments & Conclusions:

- Defence: The French defence loses out on two aerial challenges but the important weakness we can note here is the lack of tracking back. We can see that the two Norwegian players on the edge of the penalty area are allowed to run unmarked. Another important point is the Norwegian player who flicks on in the first place, is allowed to get in front of the defender. Conclusion - Know the whereabouts and follow closely the movements of all players not just those in the penalty area but outside as well.

- Attack: Good movement and timing of runs from deep to get on the end of attacking actions. The first attacker does well to get in front of the defender to flick-on. This set-piece involves good co-ordination between attackers. Conclusion - Shows the importance of being first to the ball and having aerial strength. Encourage players to make runs from deeper positions and practice set-piece situations.

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