1) The Milan player receives the ball in space on the left wing.

2 ) He plays a long cross into the penalty area.

3) Inzaghi and Chevtchenko positioned together, cross over and make simultaneous runs which confuses the defender and allows Chevtchenko to score with a back-post header.

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- Unsure whether the attackers carry out a pre-rehearsed plan to confuse the defenders by positioning two attackers on one defender (the other defenders stay where they are seemingly due to zonal marking). Whatever the reason, the attackers make excellent cross-over runs to confuse the defender and move into the penalty area at the right moment.
- The defenders seem to be positioned zonally and a lack of communication lets them down as two Milan players are marked by one Inter defender. Zonal defence requires good communication skills to let fellow defenders know the whereabouts and movements of attackers, here the defender is caught in two minds and doesn't know which player to follow especially after the two attackers make their cross-over runs. Another important point is the player originally making the cross is not closed down.

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