1) The ball is played high into Mboma.

2) Mboma wins the aerial battle and heads the ball into Milosovic in the centre of the penalty area.

3) Milosovic having made a run from outside the penalty area volleys first-time into the net. There is a suspicion of offside but the goal stands...

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Comments & Conclusions:

- Defence: Here the defender marking Mboma is beaten in the air in a one on one challenge. His fellow defenders may have supported him better especially as they largely outnumber the attack or could have by moving out, caught Mboma offside. Also, Milosovic is allowed to run freely as the two central defenders are guilty of following the ball and not the man. Conclusions - Defenders must avoid ball watching and closely track all off the ball movements by forwards. Try not to leave fellow defenders in one on one situations.

- Attack: Mboma uses his strength in the air to win the ball and heads it accurately back into the danger area to Milosovic who like all good forwards must do, follows the ball in hoping for a shooting chance. Conclusion - Aerial ability meaning winning headers and the capacity to accurately pass the ball with the head is a must in soccer. Forwards must always be making runs into the penalty area to get on the end of shooting opportunities.

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