1) The Lyon midfielder Juniniho has broke from deep in his own half & plays a nice ball into space behind the defence.

2 ) Luyindula has made an intelligent run using his pace to get behind the defence. His fellow forward Govou, when the pass is made has made a similar run to distract the central defender who is now left exposed. Luyindula takes up possession & moves in on goal.

4) He scores with a left foot shot from a tight angle.

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- Show the importance of quality off the ball running to get in behind the defence. Also shows the advantage of having fast forwards. Finally, the finish by Luyindula from a difficult angle demonstrates excellent shooting technique as well as a cool head.
- The defence is caught out by the run off the ball. Perhaps the offside trap could have been attempted. The defender marking Luyindula does not track his run across the defence correctly and is then beaten for pace.

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