1) The ball is played into Gallardo on the left-wing. He is closely marked.

2) He instantly turns (using his thigh to play the ball away) and beats his marker.

3) He then takes a look up and sees the goalkeeper off his goal line. He shoots first time from long range and scores.

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Comments & Conclusions:

- Defence: It is difficult to find any constructive critical coaching here. The defence is in place, perhaps the goalkeeper may have been more aware of the possibility of a very long distance shot, although this type of action is very rare. Conclusion - Goalkeepers should always be "on their toes", whatever the distance of play from their goal.

- Attack: There are three major skill factors that stand out in this action. The excellent technique used by Gallardo to create space away from his defender. The second factor is the quick look at goal to evaluate the position of the goalkeeper. The third factor is the long range shot which is driven using excellent power and technique. Conclusion - Capacity to turn away and beat a defender, awareness (getting the head up when in possession) and long range shooting ability. Also - ability and wilingness to try something out of the ordinary.

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