1) The Parma player in possession dribbles and beats 2 defenders. He delays the pass due to 3 of his fellow forwards being offside at various moments.

2) He then crosses the ball into Di Vaio who is now in line with the defence after moving into the centre from a left-wing area.

3) DI Vaio controls, puts the ball onto his favoured left foot and finishes comfortably.

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Comments & Conclusions:

- Defence: The Parma player in possession is not tackled nor delayed. The defence plays the offside trap catching 3 forwards offside presuming the pass will be played, however this is not the case. The forwards with the slight advantage of already heading towards and being nearer to goal have an advantage over the defenders who are are moving the other way. Conclusion - 100% effort to win possession in midfield areas, be wary of players dribbling through to avoid offside trap and even if offside is played, defenders must make sure they are in a position to regain lost ground if the referee does not stop play for offside.

- Attack: An excellent example of attacking awareness. He knows that his team-mates are offside so he decides to run at the defence allowing them to get back onside. The pass is delayed and played just at the right moment to De Vaio who makes the effort to get onside whilst always being available. Conclusion - Shows importance of getting one's head up when in possession and being aware of the movements of fellow team-mates. Also, shows ability to dribble and beat defenders as well as timing the killer pass to perfection. Finally, forwards in offside positions must attempt to get back onside whilst still looking to receive the ball (as shown here) and players can beat the offside trap by dribbling through on goal.

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