1) The ball is played back to Muzek who controls, makes space and shoots hard and low from the edge of the area.

2) The Bastia goal keeper Boumnijel only manages to parry the ball out.

3) Dodik has followed the shot in and takes advantage of the loose ball to fire into the net.

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Comments & Conclusions:

- Defence: The important feature of this defending action which we should concentrate on, lies in the lack of anticipation by the Bastia defence after the initial shot. Only one defender actually makes an effort to follow the shot in and this is already too late. Defenders need to be encouraged to develop the same anticipative capacities as forward players. Conclusion - Always follow shots in thinking that the ball may stay in play.

- Attack: There are two major factors that stand out in this action. The first being the willingness of the midfielder to seize an opportunity to shoot from the edge of the area. Long range shots are useful as they may be blocked and saved leading to a secondary opportunity (as here), can be deflected into the net or score directly due to the keeper being unsighted. The second major factor is the centre-forward who follows the shot in, is hoping for a rebound. Here, his persistence and anticipation is rewarded. Conclusion - Be ready to and capable of shooting (atitude & good technique) from long range and always follow shots in.

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