1) The ball is played across the defence. The receiving player is immediately put under pressure.

2) He plays a "hurried" pass towards the centre-half which is intercepted by Frau.

3) Frau moves in on goal.

4) He comfortably beats the goalkeeper and scores.

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Comments & Conclusions:

- Defence: The defence plays a dangerous game by playing the ball between defenders. Here, the ball is lost after an unnecessary long then short pass. Conclusion - Avoid risky passing between defenders and in defensive positions.

- Attack: The two forwards read the game well and exert combined pressure on the defenders, giving them no time on the ball. This pays dividends as they win the possession. The other important point is the cool composed finish by Frau. Conclusion - Forwards must work as a team to place pressure on players in possession in the opponen'ts half.

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