1) Ball is cleared after corner to edge of penalty area where it is played out wide. Only half of the French defence pushes out.

2) Cross played into near post from right-wing.

3) Helguera makes a run to near post, beats the defenders to the ball and scores with a header.

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- Defence: The French defence does not push out as a unit, some players stay in deep defensive positions and play the Spanish forwards onside.
- Attack: Helguera's run is difficult to pick up as the defence is disorganised. Even when the corner is cleared, the Spanish keep up the pressure by immediately playing the ball out wide so it can be crossed in again.

- Defences must coordinate their movements at set-pieces, meaning when to push out or stay in the penalty area. They should also make sure the player waiting on the edge of the penalty area is closely marked.
- Shows the importance when crossing of good delivery and eliminating the first defender with the cross. Also, the player taking the corner should always make themselves available in case of a clearance as in this attack. Finally, Helguera shows good attacking skills by coming in from behind and between the defenders.

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