1) Del Piero plays the free-kick into Zidane who has created space by moving off the defence.

2) Zambrotta breaks off the wall & makes a run behind the defence. He receives the ball from Zidane.

3) Zambrotta crosses first-time.

4) Trezeguet finishes.

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Comments & Conclusions:

- Defence: On three occasions the players from Juventus are allowed too much space to play the ball. The players from Vicenza are generally caught out by the clever free-kick. Conclusion - Tighter marking at set-pieces and players must always be on their guard against different variations in play.

- Attack: A well worked set-piece variation. Good passing & quick & intelligent off the ball movement allows space to be created. Conclusion - Shows importance of rehearsing set-pieces and trying out different variations to fool defences. Also we can see how the usefulness of fast & accurate one-touch play in tight situations.

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