1) The ball is played back to the right-back.

2 ) He controls and tries to dribble past the Werder player who successfully tackles him.

3) The ball is loose & another Werder player latches onto it, dribbles forward & cuts the ball back to Bode.

4) Bode having supported play, shoots first-time into the net.

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- Defence: The defence plays a dangerous game by playing the ball near its own goal. Here, the ball is lost after a defender tries to dribble the ball and beat an opposition player. Conclusion - Avoid risky passing between defenders and in defensive positions.
- Attack: The forwards reads the game well and exerts pressure on the defenders, giving them no time on the ball. This pays dividends as his tackle wins possession. The other important point is the support play where two attackers are immediately backing up and offering different options. Conclusion - Forwards must work hard to place pressure on opposition players in possession in the opponents half and look to immediately support when possession is won.

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