1) The throw-in is quickly taken by Zambrotta &played into Nedved who has followed play & is already moving forward to receive the throw.

2/ Neved having caught the defenders sleeping, plays the ball across the goal.

3/ The defender marking Trezeguet lets him run & the ball is comfortably headed home from the lofted cross.

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- This particular example demonstrates how a quickly-taken throw can catch a defence out and shows the importance of making runs into space to capitalise on the space behind or between defenders. The lofted cross to the far post is a great way of eliminating the goalkeeper who is covering his near-post.

- The defence makes the classic mistake of thinking once the ball is kicked out of play, that the job is done. Neither Nedved nor Trezeguet are marked nor closed down properly and the defence is punished by the well-worked goal.

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