1) The ball is played to Red on the side of the penalty area. The defenders immediately put pressure on him.

2) Red exchanges passes with his team-mate before playing the pass. Note this game is two-touch only.

3) Red fakes and lets the ball run to gain an extra yard of space before playing the ball long. The groups are changed over when 10 consecutive passes are made or the ball is lost.

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- Half football field + normal size goal.
- 4 attackers + 3 defenders.

- Add/remove more attackers and defenders.
- Restrict to one-touch play.
- Restrict to using weaker foot for controlling and/or passing.

- Concentrate on the quality of the passing, first-touch and timing of the movements.
- Overall passing and movement must be played at high speed.
- Encourage good communication, awareness and plenty of off the ball movement.

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